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Our website names combine the two products we provide:

Designs and Drawings

ArcDesign started out in 2001 and continues to thrive successfully in the field of residential building design and drafting. We provide design services in the shape of floor plans and then transform those plans into permit drawings which are done by our drafting team and then approved by a licensed, professional structural engineer.

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The Team

Randy Young is the lead designer for all residential design plans and projects:
new construction | remodels | renovations | additions

Randy Young Professional Home Designer at ArcDesign in Clearwater, FL

The Drafting Team are a dedicated group of professionals from St. Petersburg to Spring Hill, FL

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Licensed structural Professional Engineers are ready to review, sign and seal your plans.

Florida Professional Engineer Seal State of Florida

And our mascot is Sugar, a very chatty kitty who loves to greet our clients with tales of her adventures in the garden of lizards, bunnies, birds and butterflies.

ArcDesign Mascot Sugar

Our Mission

To provide high quality residential design and drafting services that produce engineer-approved permit drawings so the contractor and building department have all required data to get the construction project done as envisioned by you, our client.

Theme Song

"Happy" by Pharrell Williams
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