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 Custom Home Designs and Permit Drawings
for You, your Contractor and the Building Department


      So, you've decided to add more square footage to your home... 

    When studying ideas for how to create more space for your home, one of the first things you may come across is Additions...

...Additions occur when you add more foundation and create new space in your home that didn't already exist, increasing the total area of the home...

This includes adding a garage, a sun room, outdoor living/porches, and can go as large as adding master bedroom suites or an entire second floor to your home. 

    When adding to your home, you may find yourself remodeling your interior and exterior as well (I.E. adding a second floor to your home for bedroom space might incline you to remodel the current downstairs area into an entire living area and kitchen)

Some other additions, depending on where they are located on the house, will maybe add a pleasing aesthetic to your exterior in the form of a porch or new front entry.

Our Specialty

    ArcDesign specializes in custom-designed homes and permit drawings. Our team of designers and draftsmen will work with you to create a design based on your needs and wants and will then create a permit drawing set for you, your contractor and building department.

  So . . .

    Let us help you begin the process, plus we have great relationships with many licensed contractors in Pinellas and Pasco counties who can give you estimates and bids.