FEMA Flood Maps

Easy-to-Follow Map Guide

Stay above water when considering costs for repairs or a remodel while living on or near waterfront property. There are FEMA rules in place for such an undertaking.

Navigating the Waters with FEMA Flood Maps

Luckily, FEMA made it easy for you to find where your property resides in the flood zones. Just follow these quick, easy steps . . .

Visit FEMA Flood Zone Maps

Step 1 - Location

  • Enter Address
  • Click "Search" Button
FEMA Map Address

Step 2 - Map Option

  • Select "View Map"

Step 3 - Zoom In

  • Select "Zoom Win" Button (No, it's not a typo)
  • Click Once on the General Area You Want Enlarged

FEMA Map Zoom In

Step 3 - Or Zoom Out

  • Select "Zoom Out" Button
  • Click Once on the General Area You Want Reduced
FEMA Map Zoom Out

If you accidentally clicked on an area you didn't want, or didn't want enlarged or reduced, simply use your browser's back button to return to your previous screen. It's much easier than trying use either of the Zoom buttons at this point.

FEMA Map Back Browser

Step 4 - Move Section

  • Select "Pan" Button
  • Click and Drag the Area You Want Moved
FEMA Map Pan

Step 5 - Specific Area

  • Select "Zoom Win" Button
  • Click and Drag Around the Specific Area Wanted

Once you have honed in on your property, look for the marked zones.

FEMA Flood Zone and Elevations

FEMA Flood Zones Explained

In the example above there is one section marked Zone AE (EL 12)
AE is the "Flood Zone" and (EL 12) is the Base Flood Elevation.
The BFE is the regulatory requirement for the elevation or floodproofing of structures.

Your Flood Zone and Base Flood Elevation indicates to the Building Designer/Architect/Engineer what will be required to meet the flood codes.

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