Next Steps: Designing

You've determined your scope of work... but now what?

   So you've decided on how you want to remodel or add to your current home or maybe you've figured out everything you need and want out of your brand new home. You've collected photos, done your research, and now you're ready to get it on paper.

  ...The next step in getting your plans rolling is to interview and select your architect or designer to help bring your ideas to life...

 Step #1

  Interview your designer/architect and make your selection. When interviewing for your home designer, asking them questions like "how much will this cost?" and "how soon will the plans be completed" are to be expected and also essential. As well, you might make sure to ask them key questions like...

  • "How many projects do you complete in a year?"
  • "What is your preferred scope of work?"
  • "Do you have any peer references or previous clientele testimonials?"
  • "Do you have any recent jobs similar to ours? And how long was taken to complete the plans?"

Step #2

  Select your Designer and begin designing! If you're building a new home or adding any foundation to your home, make sure you've had a survey completed. Typically, you will need your survey to begin work immediately on a brand new home, otherwise, a survey will just need to be submitted to your designer before the plans are completed.

A Typical Boundary Survey

Step #3 (Optional)

  As a first step, the designer will have computerized drafting of the homes current layout conducted (This is applicable in all situations if you are not building a new home). Either a designer or his draftsmen will schedule a time and date to take measurements of your home in the areas affected to complete their As-Built drawing of your home. Drafting for As-Built drawings should take approximately 1 week for most projects. Although, all of them are unique and may require special attention

Step #4

  Once the As-Built drawings have been completed, the designer will commence work on the design. Designs can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks, once As-Built drawings are received, to have a completed design. Your designer should have, in place, a system of delivery for this design. Typically, it will be emailed to you. 

Step #5

  The ball is in your court now, it's your turn to give feedback and appraise your design to make sure your designer is on the right track. Ideally, they will have your whole vision encompassed with only a few things to adjust or maybe none at all.

  During this time, it's important to:

  • Communicate with your Designer whether they be questions, comments, or advice. This keeps both of your informed of what is wanted and expected.
  • Go over all aspects in detail and try to compare to any notes or ideas you had originally, as well as recounting what you and your designer agreed to. If you don't understand a certain aspect or interpretation, don't hesitate to bring it up to them.
  • Ensure your own satisfaction and be certain it's what you will enjoy. It is your home, you know!

That's it! your home has been designed!

Now it's time for the Next Step!

Our Specialty

ArcDesign specializes in custom-designed homes and permit drawings. Our team of designers and draftsmen will work with you to create a design based on your needs and wants and will then create a permit drawing set for you, your contractor and building department. So . . .

What are the next steps?

Who do I hire? A contractor? An architect? A building designer or draftsman?

Let us help you begin the process, plus we have great relationships with many licensed contractors in Pinellas and Pasco counties who can give you estimates and bids.