Next Steps: Getting Started

You're planning a custom design for Your Home!

Whether it be a Remodel of your house's current footprint, an Addition to the gross square footage or a Brand New Custom Home, here are the 5 Next Steps to get you going in the right direction . . .

Step #1
Write a list of all your needs and wants. Don’t hold back. You can always scale back as you discover what’s possible during the design phase.

For example:

  • Turn the lanai into your new office space

  • More bedrooms for overnight guests or for when the kids come home

  • Create extra living space now that mom and dad will be living with you

  • An entertainment and game room, you say. How exciting! 

  • A new pantry? Or laundry room?

Step #2
In each area of the house list out what you want, including general size of each room

  • A wall mounted fireplace in the new 15’ x 25’ master bedroom
  • An outdoor living space, complete with bbq and wet bar, 10’ x 10’

Step #3

Pull pictures that best represent your design ideas from magazines such as Architectural Digest, Dwell, Architectural Record, Metropolis, or visit for a never-ending supply of pictures and design ideas.

Step #4
It’s time to find your professional home designer or architect to design your project. You can do an online search or visit and do a local Find A Pro search. Be sure to check out the reviews for each, including ours at

Step #5
Now make an appointment with the designer or architect you’ve chosen. You may want to interview and start the process of getting to know them better, making sure to get all your questions answered.

And to help you with that, be sure to download your FREE report "How To Interview a Building Designer or Architect"

When you're done with that, let's move on to The Next Step

Our Specialty

ArcDesign specializes in custom-designed homes and permit drawings. Our team of designers and draftsmen will work with you to create a design based on your needs and wants and will then create a permit drawing set for you, your contractor and building department. So . . .

What are the next steps?

Who do I hire? A contractor? An architect? A building designer or draftsman?

Let us help you begin the process, plus we have great relationships with many licensed contractors in Pinellas and Pasco counties who can give you estimates and bids.