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St Petersburg Custom Plans Face Setbacks

How to make your home addition or remodeling project fit within your property line is a key factor when it comes to planning and designing. St Petersburg like many places in the country, have setbacks that dictate how far out you can build before getting too close to the property line. And this is determined before any custom designing take place.

This information can be located on your survey. See below for an example . . .

Boundary Survey Pinellas County

Setbacks are restrictions on how close you can build to your property lines. In most of St. Petersburg, the front setback is 25' with the sides usually at 7-1/2' and the rear at 20'.

Depending on where you live and the size of your lot, these can vary.

A fast way to estimate your front setback is to stand in your front yard and look at the front of the houses in either direction. The front of most homes will form a line. This is usually, but not always, the setback. Some homes may be closer to the street than others which means they could have been built at a time when setbacks were different.

To be certain of your setbacks, however, call the St. Petersburg Zoning Department 727-893-7471 Press 0 to speak someone. Tell the person you want the setbacks for your property and give them your address. They'll look it up and give you the correct information.

Now you know the first step of determining where you are allowed to build on your property.

And before you build, be sure to find out when a permit is required. For all other permit information, such as Building Guides, Flood Hazard Information, Permitting Fees, etc., be sure to check out St. Petersburg's helpful Construction Services and Permitting page.

Our Specialty

ArcDesign specializes in custom-designed homes and permit drawings. Our team of designers and draftsmen will work with you to create a design based on your needs and wants and will then create a permit drawing set for you, your contractor and building department. So . . .

What are the next steps?

Who do I hire? A contractor? An architect? A building designer or draftsman?

Let us help you begin the process, plus we have great relationships with many licensed contractors in Pinellas and Pasco counties who can give you estimates and bids.

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