Residential Designs and Drafting Services

Custom Home Designs and Permit Drawings
for You, Your Contractor and Building Department

Congratulations! You've decided to design and build your new home. You've got your list of ideas, doodles and sketches scribbled down, maybe some magazine pics clipped or sites bookmarked.

And while drinking your morning cup of coffee or favorite smoothie, you look over your designs and wonder . . .

  • How does this work?  
  • What are the next steps?
  • When does that happen and what comes before this?
  • Who do I hire? A contractor? An architect? Building designer? Draftsman


Residential Designs and Permit Drawings:
The Real Foundation of Your Home

Floor plans and elevations are technical drawings that lay out the building blocks required to bring your home to life. They're drawn to scale conveying ideas and concepts, providing the required specs and codes for the building department, and enabling a contractor to build a structure.

Floor PlanFloor Plan
White House with Dormers, Ranch Renovation-2nd Story AdditionTo The Finished Product -- Could This Be Yours?